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Flexible plate D.E.S. production line

工艺流程入料→显影→水洗→吸干→检查→蚀刻→水洗→吸干→检查→膨松→退膜→水洗→吸干→吹干→烘干→出料主要技术参数:输送速度: 1.0~5.0m/min(无级变频可调)生产板规格:610×610mm(最大板) 150×150mm(最小板)生产板厚: 0.08~3.2mm输送面宽度:700mm(有效宽度640mm)行辘片规格:Æ30mm行辘轴距: 28mm耗水量:   24~36L/min耗电量:


Product description

Process flow

Feeding → developing → washing → drying → inspection → etching → washing → drying → inspection → Bulk → film removal → washing → drying → drying → discharging

Main technical parameters:

Conveying speed: 1.0~5.0m/min(stepless frequency conversion adjustable)

Production plate specification: 610×610mm(maximum plate) 150×150mm(minimum plate)

Production plate thickness: 0.08~3.2mm

Conveying surface width: 700mm(effective width 640mm)

Roller sheet size: Æ30mm

Roller wheelbase: 28mm

Water consumption: 24~36L/min

Power consumption: according to the actual process

Control system: Programmable PLC controller (Japan LG) and man-machine interface (Taiwan Weilun)

Equipment features:

(1) The nozzle adopts quick-detachable fan-shaped nozzle, which is convenient for daily maintenance to the greatest extent; And the nozzle staggered arrangement, effectively cleaning each position of the working board

(2) Conveying wheelbase with small spacing design, can effectively prevent coil plate

(3) The roller plate is covered with rubber wheel plate to ensure that there is no indentation on the surface

(4) Etching characteristics: 1. The swing structure adopts the latest design, the swing is stable and uniform

              2. The nozzle of the oscillating jet plate staggered and in charge of regulating spray structure reduce sink effect to a great extent

              3. Windows and water cylinder seal with multi-pressure point design, effectively prevent the leakage of etching potion and gas

              4. Special swinging rack suspension device is convenient for customers to disassemble and clean the nozzle

(5) Etching parameters: 1. Etching uniformity ≥95%

              2. Etching factor ≥4.5

(6) Film characteristics: 1. The body adopts stainless steel design to prevent aging of the body

              2. The cylinder filter slag can effectively remove the peeling diaphragm and facilitate management


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