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Single-sided post-treatment rosin machine

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Product description
Process flow:
Feeding → pickling → washing → grinding plate → washing → dry plate → discharging
The main technical parameters:
Conveying speed: 1.0~6.0m/min (stepless frequency conversion adjustable)
Production board specifications: 610 × 610mm (maximum board) 180 × 100mm (minimum board)
Production plate thickness: 0.4~3.2mm
Conveying surface width: 700mm (effective width 640mm)
Line film specifications: Æ43mm
Row wheelbase: 65mm
Brush specifications: OD5〞×26〞L×Æ38-(240#/320#/500#, etc.)
Water consumption: 8~12L/min
Power consumption: Three-phase five-wire 380VA/50HZ 24KW/H
Control system: programmable PLC controller and man-machine interface
(1) The nozzle adopts quick-disconnecting fan-shaped and wide-angle nozzles, which is convenient for daily maintenance and the nozzles are staggered to effectively clean the positions of the working plate surface.
(2) The grinding plate segment has precise transmission, stable transmission, quick disassembly, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, precise structure and long service life.
(3) The dry plate section adopts CT special high-efficiency air knife, and the air knife dry plate efficiency is more than 3 times that of the traditional air knife! Special drying room design, long life of heating tube and greatly improve production efficiency and save energy!
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