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Inner chemical pretreatment production line

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Process flow:
Feeding→Degreasing→Washing→Micro-etching→Washing→Pickling→Washing→DI Washing→Dry Plate→Output
The main technical parameters:
Conveying speed: 1.0~5.0m/min (stepless frequency conversion adjustable)
Production board specifications: 610 × 610mm (maximum board) 150 × 150mm (minimum board)
Production plate thickness: 0.08~3.2mm
Conveying surface width: 700mm (effective width 640mm)
Line specifications: Æ30mm
Row wheelbase: 28mm
Water consumption: 24~36L/min
Power consumption: 35KW/H
Control System: Programmable PLC Controller (LG, Japan) and Human Machine Interface (Taiwan Weilun)
(1). The nozzle adopts quick release fan nozzle to maximize daily maintenance; and the nozzles are staggered to effectively clean the positions of the working plate.
(2). The conveying wheelbase is designed with a small spacing to effectively prevent the coiling plate
(3). Use the rubberized wheel to ensure that the surface is not embossed.
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