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Volcanic ash grinding machine (before the line / before soldering)

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Process flow:
Feeding→ Pickling→Washing→(grinding board)→volcanic ash brushing board→ultrasonic washing→water washing→dry board→discharge
The main technical parameters:
Conveying speed: 1.0~6.0m/min (stepless frequency conversion adjustable)
Production board specifications: 610 × 610mm (maximum board) 250 × 250mm (minimum board)
Production plate thickness: 0.2 (not connected to copper) ~ 3.2mm
Conveying surface width: 700mm (effective width 620mm)
Line film specifications: Æ43mm
Row wheelbase: 65mm
Brush specifications: OD80 × ID37 × 620L (refer to the volcanic ash segment).
Water consumption: 8~12L/min
Power consumption: 28-40KW/H
Control System: Programmable PLC Controller (LG, Japan) and Human Machine Interface (Taiwan Weilun)
(1) The nozzle adopts quick-disconnecting fan-shaped and wide-angle nozzles, which is convenient for daily maintenance and the nozzles are staggered to effectively clean the positions of the working plate surface.
(2) The ash ash section brush motor has a positive reversal function. This section is equipped with a separate spray cylinder (with agitation); the surface roughening effect is uniform, the water film test test time is more than 35S! The ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure water washing in the rear section can effectively remove the residual dust between the lines and the holes. powder.
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