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Process flow:
Feeding→bulking→filming→water washing→inspection→etching→ammonia washing→water washing→checking→returning tin→water washing→drying plate→discharging
The main technical parameters:
Conveying speed: 1.0~6.0m/min (stepless frequency conversion adjustable)
Production board specifications: 610 × 610mm (maximum board) 150 × 100mm (minimum board)
Production plate thickness: 0.2~3.2mm
Conveying surface width: 700mm (effective width 640mm)
Line film specifications: Æ43mm
Travel wheelbase: detached film 55mm, other 65mm
Water consumption: 24~36L/min
Power consumption: 35KW/H (pump and fan power), 36KW/H (heating tube power)
Control System: Programmable PLC Controller (LG, Japan) and Human Machine Interface (Taiwan Weilun)
(1) Etching characteristics: 1. The swing structure adopts arc contact design, and the swing is stable and uniform.
               2. The nozzles of the oscillating spray disc are staggered and the pressure regulating spray structure is used to minimize the pool effect.
               3. The window and water tank seal adopt multi-pressure point design to effectively prevent the leakage of etching syrup and gas.
               4. Special swing frame suspension device for customer to replace and clean nozzle
(2) Etching parameters: 1. Etching uniformity ≥ 92% or more
               2. Etch factor ≥ 3.0
(3) Features of the film peeling: 1. The body is made of stainless steel to prevent the body from aging.
               2. The drum slag method can effectively remove the peeling membrane and facilitate management
               3. Increase the bulk design before filming to effectively reduce the filming time
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