A letter to all staff at Coludi

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2023-03-03 16:13

Dear all colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters, here I sincerely say: you have worked hard!

First of all, thank you very much for your efforts to make us today's Coludi!

At Coludi, we are in our tenth year. Today, our equipment, our service, our quality has been recognized and praised by our customers! In the industry also has our Coludi place! But our goal is not only that, we also want to build Coludi into a real national brand! A well-known international brand! Let Coludi products appear in modern factories all over the world! We will be proud to be a Coludi!

"It takes a hundred years to cross the same boat." Coludi is the platform that brings us all together. If we think of Coludy as a family, this fate makes us one!

For everyone at Coludi, we are now in the most productive and productive time of our lives. This is also our return to the society, return to the enterprise, to build a personal gold brand era! It is well said that life is a continuous broadcast of the stage play, every day, every hour, every moment is live! At the end of the play, that is, our personal brand freeze frame! We are adding bricks to the Coludi building, but also creating a personal brand! God is just to everyone, it gives everyone a day of 24 hours, not a minute less than a second. 24 hours a day is a minute-by-minute record of the difference we make in the world. Everything we do, everything we say, everything we say, everything we do affects the world. So each of us is unique and irreplaceable. Believe in yourself, try to work hard, go beyond, to dedication, the harvest must be unexpected fruits. At least the soul of comfort and pay happiness!

For those who have left Coludy, we also want to thank them for their service in the past and wish them well in the future. For the old staff who have been silently paying for Coludi, we are even more grateful for your persistence and selfless dedication! Because you are the true treasure of Coludy! Every piece of our equipment, every page of drawings, every part is condensed with your sweat, your hard work! To the newest members of the Coludy family, we welcome you! And believe that you too will become the best Korudi! We are sorry for anyone who is ready or thinking of leaving Koludi. But we have no regrets! Because Coludi needs real Coludi people who are willing to be part of Coludi, who are willing to be part of Coludi!

Harvest every day that belongs to their own pearl, life will have a string of resounding necklace! And with the halo of countless pearls, Coludi will become an unparalleled palace! This is not a dream! For dreams are beyond control, and visions are not far away! So don't ignore every bit of our work and life, and don't peer into someone else's rose garden. Belong to their own is to use their own dedication to build a real paradise of life!

If you are a man, you must be a man! Is a woman, to do the most beautiful scenery line! Colleagues! My friends! Brothers and sisters! I believe that our Coludi brothers are brave, enterprising, indomitable men! I believe that we Coludi sisters are not let the eyebrows, the horizon of the most beautiful scenery! With our hands, with our wisdom, with our passion, believe that we have the ability to hold up the skyscraper of Coludi! I believe we have the ability to ensure that Coludi's great ship can split the wind and waves to the other side of the bright! And our lives are destined to be extraordinary!

Finally, I wish you all a happy work and a happy life!

Coludi Company

The 2010-3-12

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