After the change of PCB industry global status, the influence becomes more and more obvious

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2013-04-18 00:00

The news that the output value of the PCB industry of our country has become the world's first in nearly two years boosts the whole industry. However, the impacts and problems brought by the change of the global status are worth the attention of the PCB manufacturers.

PCB is the mother of electronic products. If all electronic products need electricity to operate, they need to use PCB as a medium to conduct electricity. Therefore, PCB traces can be seen in all household appliances, information products, communication products, military products and aviation products. In recent years, because the growth of the global electronic industry is slow, how to find the potential electronic products for the development of our PCB industry is very important.

In recent years, many new technologies of PCB are concerned by the manufacturer. When our country becomes the largest manufacturer of PCB in the world, it is necessary to pay attention to the influence of new technology on the whole industry and consider whether to put into development.

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