Coludi practiced his inner skills and decided to seek business opportunities in the economic crisis

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2023-03-03 16:13

The 2009 global economic crisis for China, in 2010 has taken the lead, but in 2011, the global economic crisis still shows no signs of improvement. Questions have resurfaced over how long China's breakneck economic growth can continue. Is there a big bubble lurking in all this? As the basis of the electronic industry PCB industry is also facing serious impact and unprecedented challenges! As an influential equipment supplier of wet process equipment and peripheral equipment in circuit board industry, Coludi Company, under the leadership of the general manager Mr. Ren Weihuan, seeks for "machine" behind the word "crisis", practices internal skills, advocates team spirit, and defines a loud slogan for Coludi: "Coludi - with me, there will be a miracle!" . So that every employee can find the most suitable for their own position, and give full play to their maximum potential! At the same time, enhance the sense of belonging, responsibility and mission of all staff! So that Coludi company in the face of such a serious economic crisis can still be confident! And continue to make breakthroughs!

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