Coludi Company product structure adjustment and new product research and development to the first place

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2023-03-03 16:13

Coludi Company since the formal establishment in May 2000, ups and downs through 8 years. Although the company continues to grow, it has always been among the top three in the industry. But Ren Weihuan, the company's founder and general manager, is not satisfied with his achievements. At the beginning of the year, he called a meeting of all engineering and R&D staff and announced throughout the plant that the company would make the development of new products an important long-term strategy. Engineering research and development is the fundamental survival of the company! It is also the most important guarantee for the long-term development of the company! So, since this year, the company in this area under the great effort! In the continuous introduction of senior technical personnel from the outside at the same time, strengthen the company's existing technical personnel technical training! Because Ren clearly knows that all competition in the final analysis is talent competition! At the top level of the company's advocacy and support, Coludi in this year's new product development has made great achievements! First of all, in the first half of the year successfully developed and imported equipment can be comparable to the sheet sand blasting machine! And then launched volcanic ash grinding machine, semi-automatic grinding machine and automatic release machine automatic board machine! In addition, the developer and etching machine has also been the most core part of the improvement! I believe that under the guidance of this power, Coludi Company will write a more brilliant chapter in the near future!

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