Shaoguan implement the spirit of the seventeenth Congress of the Xingxing focus on innovation

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2023-03-03 17:51

Shaoguan Daily News (Lai Yuping, Xiao Keming, Zhong Junfeng) this winter Shixing very lively. Nanhai Chamber of Commerce and Shunde Chamber of Commerce have organized a group inspection, businessmen to Shixing good investment environment and ecological environment praise; Shixing (Shilong) Industrial Transfer Park, Jiangkou Industrial Park and Machi Industrial Park are full of construction scenes, a number of new industrial projects are under intense construction. Shaoguan Shixing is ushering in a new wave of development.

Under the guidance of the scientific Outlook on Development, Shixing is exploring a new way to attract investment on the basis of the original foreign-funded enterprises, so that the economic development is not only reflected in the growth of the total amount, but also reflected in improving the quality of economic development and realizing the sustainable development of economic health.

Shaoguan Shixing County deputy Party secretary, county governor Xu Hong told reporters, the current Shixing county investment work has three new characteristics: one is to attract investment to attack tax source projects, further do the county financial cake; Secondly, in the process of attracting investment, we should cultivate industrial clusters to form the "herd effect" of attracting investment. The third is to attach great importance to environmental protection work, to attract investment projects to do a good environmental assessment, the approval of the project in the construction process to achieve the "three simultaneous", strengthen the industrial project environmental comprehensive management.

From this year's situation, Shixing's new strategy of attracting investment has begun to produce a good effect. The reporter saw in Shixing, the industrial transfer park within the three enterprises have started work, two of which are high technology content of new material enterprises; The first phase of the rosin plant in Machi Industrial Park has been put into trial operation, which will build the largest rosin base in the province and form a large scale automotive battery production center. Jiangkou Industrial Park is the introduction of large circuit board leading enterprises, is expected to form related industrial clusters.

From January to October, the county completed 1.039 billion yuan of fixed asset investment, an increase of 46.4%; 30 new contracts were signed, and the actual imported capital was 73.91 million US dollars, up 23% year on year, among which the actual utilized foreign capital was 14.95 million US dollars, up 264% year on year; The industrial economy grew rapidly, with the total industrial output value reaching 2.188 billion yuan, up by 26.3%. Shixing County Party Committee and county government assessed the situation and raised the targets set at the beginning of the year for GDP growth of 12% and fiscal revenue growth of 15% to over 15% and 20% respectively.

There is also an important emerging force in Shixing county economy, which is the private economy. Reporter in Shixing interview, found that Shixing County Party committee, county government has a very unique to promote the national entrepreneurship of the new thinking - "actively activate the old brand, support the new brand". Such as Shixing County production of boilers in the country was once famous. The county of the rich overflow machinery factory for a state-owned boiler production enterprises, production and management had been in trouble. After the transformation of the factory, the intervention of private capital made the enterprise full of new vitality and vitality, and the production of products again appeared the phenomenon of short supply. Shixing County Party Committee and the county government regard Fuyi Machinery Factory as a key object to support national entrepreneurship, and try every means to help enterprises become stronger and bigger, constantly improve market share, and reshape Shixing boiler brand. Another example is "Old friend Hot sauce" is a local specialty brand founded by local laid-off workers. Shixing County Party Committee, the county government from the perspective of cultivating characteristic agricultural products brand, encourage and support the expansion of production scale, actively guide the enterprise to take the road of QS quality certification, let it enter a broader market field. Reporters to the production of "old friend hot sauce" products Shengyi sauce garden to see when visiting, the enterprise invested more than 400,000 yuan for a comprehensive transformation, standardized the production process, the layout of the workshop is very orderly, but also established the product quality testing room.

The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed for the first time to build an ecological civilization. He Zhengping, party secretary of the county, vowed to create a new highlight of ecological civilization through the development of eco-tourism. In the development of tourism, we will focus on building three major brands: the first is to build hospitality folk culture tourism brand, the second is to build natural ecological tourism brand, the third is to build leisure tourism brand, and strive to build Shixing into a well-known leisure resort.

In addition, Shixing has taken a series of important measures in the construction of ecological civilization, such as vigorously developing characteristic industries and promoting the upgrading of industrial structure; Vigorously develop characteristic agriculture, quicken rural economic development; Highlight the local characteristics, the construction of mountains and rivers towns. Shixing is striving to build a sustainable eco-economic county with reasonable exploitation of resources, effective protection of the environment, beautiful urban and rural appearance, coordination between man and nature, and sound economic operation. (finish)

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