Manz releases the fastest volume wet process equipment in the industry

Release Time:

2023-03-03 17:57

Manz, a supplier of integrated solutions for the high-tech industry, will participate in the 6th International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering (Shanghai) Exhibition and Forum in SNEC2012 (Booth: E3 Hall, 310), where it will showcase its latest wet process equipment for crystalline silicon solar cells: IPSGCEI4800. The device is used to remove highly doped layers from the back and edges of the wafer, resulting in chemical edge isolation (CEI). It also removes phosphosilica-glass (PSG) from the front of the wafer during the previous diffusion process. "With our new wet process equipment, we have truly filled in a missing link in Manz's PV process process," said Mr. DieterManz, founder and CEO of Manz. Its newly developed sponge roller process enables faster, direct delivery, which not only delivers wafers smoothly, but also ensures greater process stability.

As the name of the IPSGCEI4800 suggests, the output is up to 4,800 tablets per hour. The device will be bundled with a ManzSpeedPicker for loading and unloading silicon wafers. Manz will also launch new vacuum coating equipment and fleece equipment in September this year, aiming to become a full process equipment supplier.

On May 15, the day before the opening of SNEC2012, Manz will officially open its new factory in Suzhou, where IPSGCEI4800 will also be put into production. With 20 years of experience in the wet process field, Manz will provide our key customers with more efficient service and cost-effective products that combine local prices with German quality.

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