A letter to all employees of Circuit-Tech

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Dear all my colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters, here I sincerely say: Everyone has worked hard!
First of all, thank you very much for your contribution, and created our today's Circuit-Tech!

Dear all my colleagues, friends, brothers and sisters, here I sincerely say: Everyone has worked hard!

First of all, thank you very much for your contribution, and created our today's Circuit-Tech!

Our company, the company, has entered its tenth year. Today our equipment, our services, our quality has also won the recognition and praise of our customers! In the industry, we already have a place in our company! But our goal is not limited to this, we have to build Cordi into a true national brand! A well-known international brand! Let Couloy's products appear in modern factories around the world! We will be proud of being a Circuit-Techan!

"A hundred years of repairing the same boat", all of us, we all came together because of the platform of Circuit-Tech. If we regard Cordi as a big family, this is what makes us a family!

For everyone in Circuit-Tech, we are now in the most capable and productive era of our lives. This is also the era when we return to society, return to the company, and create a personal gold brand! Some people say it well: Life is a stage show that is broadcast continuously, and it is broadcast live every day, every hour and every moment! At the end of the show, it is the freeze of our personal brand! While adding bricks to the Couloy Building, we also create a personal brand! God is fair to everyone, and it gives everyone 24 hours a day, no more than a minute and a second. Every day, 24 hours, minutes, seconds, and seconds are recording the changes we bring to the world. Our words and deeds, one sadness and one joy, affect the world all the time. So each of us is unique and irreplaceable. Believe in yourself, try to work hard, go beyond, dedication, and harvest must be an unexpected fruit. At the very least, the comfort of the soul and the joy of giving!

For those who have left Cordi, we also want to thank them for their efforts, and I wish them the best way to go. For the old employees who have been quietly paying for Circuit-Tech, we are more grateful for your dedication, your selfless dedication! Because you are the true wealth of Coluy! Every piece of our equipment, every page of drawings, every part is condensed with your sweat, your hard work! We welcome you to new members who are new to the New Zealand family! And I believe that you will also become the best Circuit-Techan! We feel sorry for those who are still preparing or have thoughts to leave Colody. But we have no regrets! Because Circuit-Tech needs to be able to get along with the wind and the wind, and never give up, the real Cordi people who are completely willing to dissolve into Cordi!

Harvesting the pearls that belong to you each day, life will have a string of incomparable necklaces! And with the aura of countless pearls, Circuit-Tech will become an unparalleled palace! This is not a dream! Because dreams are unmanageable, and the vision is not far away! Therefore, don't neglect the bit by bit in our work life, and don't have to pry into other people's rose gardens. It is our own self-dedication to build a real life paradise!

It’s a man, you have to be a man of the top! If you are a woman, you have to be the most beautiful scenery! colleagues! friends! Brothers and sisters! I believe that our brothers of Circuit-Tech are dare to bear, work hard, and stand on the ground! I believe that our sisters of Circuit-Tech are the most beautiful scenery that does not allow the eyebrows and the horizon! Use our hands, use our wisdom, and use our passion to believe that we have the ability to ignite the skyscrapers of Circuit-Tech! I believe we have the ability to ensure that the giant wheel of Corudi can sail to the other side of the light! And our life is also doomed to be extraordinary!

Finally, I wish you all a happy work and a happy life!




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