Towards a new era Mingxin high-end low-end graphics card popular double copper process PCB technology

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At the same time, Ming Xin refused all useless hype. From the full line of all-solid capacitors, ferrite inductors, gold-plated interfaces, to today's double copper. Mingxin strives to make customers
In 2008, Mingxin high-end low-end graphics card popularized all-solid-state capacitors, becoming the first domestic full-scale product 100% solid-state capacitor graphics card brand, this record remains to this day!
At the beginning of 2009, Mingxin high-end low-end graphics card popularized ferrite inductors, becoming the first graphics card brand in China with 100% ferritic inductors. This record remains to this day!
At the end of 2009, Mingxin made great efforts to improve the gold-plated interface of Mingxin High-end and low-end graphics cards, and became the first graphics card brand in China with 100% configuration of gold-plated interfaces. This record remains to this day!
In 2010, Mingxin once again became the pioneer of graphics card upgrades. For the first time, it popularized double copper technology for its full range of high-end and low-end NVIDIA graphics cards, and then used a new page for graphics cards!
What is double copper?
The core of double copper technology is to add more pure copper foil material to the power layer and ground layer of the PCB, which makes the copper foil twice as thick as the previous products. This technology can significantly increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the internal wires of the PCB, effectively reducing the resistance by more than double, and making the graphics card consume less power.


迈向新纪元 铭鑫高中低端显卡普及双倍铜工艺PCB技术

As the resistance is reduced, the signal transmission purity is further improved, which also means that the high-frequency performance of the graphics card is greatly improved. For example, the GTS250's public version of the standard frequency is only 738 / 2200MHz, the use of double copper technology, Ming Xin horizon wind GTS250U-1GBD3TC Chinese player version reached a record 760 / 2400MHz. The performance of double copper technology is especially obvious for low-end graphics cards. For example, the GT220's public version of the standard frequency is only 625/1580MHz, while the Mingxin Vision GT220-1GBD3TC super-energy version with double copper technology reaches an amazing 725/ 1900MHz, the increase is obvious! The high-end and low-end graphics card frequency has been greatly improved at the same time, which not only proves the extraordinary skill of double copper technology, but also fully demonstrates that this technology has been fully applied in Mingxin products.
迈向新纪元 铭鑫高中低端显卡普及双倍铜工艺PCB技术

In addition, copper has better thermal conductivity. Double copper technology turns the PCB into a huge heat sink, effectively avoiding local overheating and further improving the life and stability of the graphics card.

迈向新纪元 铭鑫高中低端显卡普及双倍铜工艺PCB技术
The power supply module generates more heat before being used.


迈向新纪元 铭鑫高中低端显卡普及双倍铜工艺PCB技术
Mingxin double copper, power supply module fever is significantly reduced

Mingxin's advantage
The biggest threshold for the popularity of double copper technology is cost and capacity issues. Double copper technology requires more copper foil to be embedded inside the PCB, which increases the manufacturing cost of the PCB and reduces the yield of the PCB. At the same time, due to the increase in internal thickness, drilling and other processes will also take more time. Various restrictions have made the application of double copper technology often limited to high-end graphics cards, which are expensive and difficult to be accepted by ordinary consumers.
Following the popularization of all-solid-state capacitors, ferrite inductors, and gold-plated interfaces, Mingxin renewed the storm of high-end technology. Through cooperation with upstream manufacturers and relying on its strong manufacturing strength, Mingxin cracked the double copper application technology problem and took the lead in popularizing NVIDIA graphics products in the whole line of double copper technology that only appeared in high-end graphics cards. From the 349 yuan horizon wind G210-512D2TC MINI version, to the 1199 yuan vision wind GTX260+-896D3 Chinese player version, all without exception all using double copper technology. Marking the price of Mingxin graphics card to reach a new height!
More than one, Fang Zhiming, Xin Kungfu
Ming Xin graphics card, pledge to let consumers get the best performance graphics card at the lowest cost. While maintaining the advanced nature of high-end product technology and materials, Mingxin Graphics is committed to popularizing high-end technology, so that low-end graphics cards can also enjoy the advanced technology and materials standards of high-end graphics cards.

迈向新纪元 铭鑫高中低端显卡普及双倍铜工艺PCB技术

At the same time, Ming Xin refused all useless hype. From the full line of all-solid capacitors, ferrite inductors, gold-plated interfaces, to today's double copper. Mingxin strives to make customers see and feel every time they change. Mingxin has a good idea of ​​its own double copper technology. You only need to compare Mingxin double copper graphics card with his brand non-double copper graphics card to find the difference between the two. Regardless of the PCB density or the weight of the graphics card, especially the frequency increase rate that most affects the performance, even the direct measurement of the hand is intuitive. The Mingxin product is slightly thicker, the empty PCB is slightly heavier, and the repair and performance are better. .
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