ICP DAS PAC Motion Application Case PCB Horizontal Wet Film Coating Machine

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Conclusion The PCB industry is a manufacturing industry that combines traditional and modern technology. He is the cornerstone of all technology research and development, but because of the change of
   Preface The complete PCB process is divided into 16 items. Each process has its own special characteristics requirements and practices, except for various environmental requirements (temperature, humidity, dust, acid and alkali, etc.). And the environment is very different, so a complete PCB process needs to consider a variety of factors, but the collection of relevant process data is very important information in the PCB process.
    System Description This PAC machine control is mainly applied to the horizontal wet film coating machine for soldering prevention in PCB wet process equipment. This machine is a key to the front PCB process, so many process data of the pre-process will be This station is integrated. Originally, most of the machine equipments were mainly PLC-based control cores, so it is not an easy event to collect process-related data. PLC is mainly based on reliability and stability, and this is the main reason why such machines have not been PC-BASED. However, in recent years, various PLC manufacturers have introduced PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) as the control. After the controller of the core architecture, the equipment manufacturers began to think about how to introduce the original PLC machine equipment into the PAC control core, and the PAC's unique PC-Based features (high-speed core computing, network, communication and VGA display integration functions). ) and the ability to bring PLC high reliability and stability into the machine. Thanks to the highly integrated PAC control core and the expertise of the original PLC equipment manufacturers, coupled with the consideration of the production cost of the product, the manufacturers of these production equipment have significantly different machine changes. Innovation? Developed a composite machine platform, which realizes the integration function and the human-machine interface beautification on the traditional PLC and CNC machine equipment, and can reduce the development cost of the machine equipment. Therefore, the equipment manufacturer who manufactures the design machine starts to go to the PLC. Another new era of PAC control core direction to think about future machines.
    PCB Horizontal Wet Film Coating Machine Characteristics Requirements Since the PCB board process is now a process specification, the feed port of this machine will be combined with the discharge port of the front process, and the PCB board has various sizes. Therefore, when the machine is fed to the next process, the manual and fully automatic conversion operation functions must be performed in the whole process, and the process temperature, the feed rate and any abnormal history record are updated. The board width error during the whole process must be within the specific requirements, the fixed speed of the conveying material should be stable, the absolute position recovery detection capability of the coating mechanism and the PID temperature control ability of the baking process are all of the equipment. The main core, while the developers of the previous equipment manufacturers are using the design and development machine of the PLC core, so the pre-planning design and the communication of the power distribution personnel and the maintenance after the equipment is a big challenge, in addition, As far as the cost is concerned, if the cost of the human-machine interface is added, then the cost of the machine is not low and it is not easy to modify the man-machine interface in the future, let alone to do the integration of the process data; Therefore, these core functions of PAC have prompted equipment manufacturers to have high expectations for PAC, and each equipment manufacturer is reluctant to lag behind others in the design of the machine. Therefore, the PAC trend is about to be in the machine equipment development industry. Become the mainstream!
    Solution Because it is hoped that the relevant data of the front and the back process can be unified and integrated, and the data is established and stored, the related communication integration is very important, and this part is the most difficult problem solved by PLC. The PAC provided by Gege Technology is a combination of PLC+PC-Based in positioning, so the requirement for this integration can be easily achieved; not only that, but we have implanted this specific PAC controller. EzProg-I's software tools provide customers with more convenient and faster machine software design and development tools for machine design. After EzConfig I\O planning, they can be designed and tested from the main control program. Simultaneously proceed to the final verification test; ICP DAS provides a related human-machine interface development software EzHMI, which allows the machine equipment designer to design his own human-machine interface in a simple and flexible way, while the human-machine interface The expansion of the interface can also be done very quickly.
    The system architecture is more traditional (human machine interface + PLC core) vs ICP DAS PAC architecture (WinCon+Touch Panel+I-8094F+ FRnet DI\O):



Traditional PLC architecture


ICP DAS PAC Architecture

    The characteristics of the grid technology diagram indicate that ICP DAS uses the communication integration capability to convert the variable frequency motor control from AI\AO control to communication control, which improves the analog interference caused by the equipment designer due to power distribution and power environment. ICP DAS's PAC has the VGA capability of a standard PC and provides the EzHMI [ActiveX Component] development kit, which not only simplifies the difficulty of the machine designer in developing the human-machine interface, but also saves the high cost of human-machine interface development. The original human-machine interface not only became larger and more beautiful, but also simplified the nearly 100-page complicated human-machine interface operation program originally developed using the PLC system to about 30 pages. E格科技's EzConfig software tool for PAC controllers allows the machine designer to use EzConfig to plan various I\O points beforehand and generate I\O point planning tables. In order to facilitate the distribution personnel to complete the power distribution, and can immediately do physical testing; and the software designer can start the design and development of the machine according to the I\O point planning table. When both are completed, the machine can be directly implemented. Machine testing reduces the communication problems of software and hardware personnel.泓格科技 PAC provides axis control module, general I\O module and FRnet distributed I\O module, which can meet the needs of customers when designing machine equipment, while FRnet distributed I\O module can be reduced. Distribution costs, reducing maintenance costs. ICP DAS's PAC has communication and built-in network functions, which can realize the combination of upper and lower positions in database management, and has simpler planning than traditional PLC.

     Conclusion The PCB industry is a manufacturing industry that combines traditional and modern technology. He is the cornerstone of all technology research and development, but because of the change of the market, it also has different needs. This is also the transformation of many traditional industries in recent years. In response to such changes, it has caused different needs in the production plant, and relatively, the machine equipment manufacturers have different recognition, and have different ideas, plus some of the current PLC manufacturers continue to Going to the PAC controller to develop, so it can be seen that PAC will be another controller trend after PLC, and this trend will be big and fast. In this huge trend, you will need a controller close to you. Suppliers, let your new machine have different life, and ICP DAS is the earliest and most committed PAC controller development supplier of PAC technology in Taiwan. Our efforts and achievements are obvious to all. It is also expected to cooperate with the industry in the PAC trend.