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Shenzhen Head office: Shenzhen Circuit-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Factory No. 1)

Address: 1st-2nd floor, western plant,16th building, B district, First Industrial Area,Gonghe community,Shajing Street, Bao-an District,Shenzhen City, China
Tel: 86-755 - 3385 6880~1~2
Complaint Tel: 86-755-3385 6886  Fax: 86-755-3385 3788
E-mail : kld@pcb-world.com  Web : www.pcb-world.com
East China New Factory: Jiangsu Changzhou Circuit-Tech (Factory No. 2)
Address: No. 5, Qingyang East Road, Changzhou Hi-tech Development Zone, Jiangsu, China.
Wenzhou Office
Address:Wenzhou RD.,19 District,Wenzhou Eeconomic and Technical DevelopmentZone,Zhejiang325011,China
Meizhou Office
Address: Jiangnan, Meizhou, Guangdong
Andrew Prince
Email:andy@ct-int.net Tel:+447703188144
Business Contact
Mr. Ren Weihuan (Chairman and General Manager) 86-755 - 3385 6880
Mr. Wei Zhen (Vice General Manager) 86-755 - 3385 6880
After-sales Service
Mr. Wan Nianhong (Factory Director): 86-755-33856880