Yangbo wet process equipment for export to Japan

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Printed circuit board (PCB) wet process design, Taiwan and mainland market demand is about NT$3 billion per year. Thanks to the trend of thin and short PCB, wet process equipment must also be replaced
Printed circuit board (PCB) wet process design, Taiwan and mainland market demand is about NT$3 billion per year. Thanks to the trend of thin and short PCB, wet process equipment must also be replaced. Therefore, the average growth rate in these years has remained at 10 %~15%, there are about 10 Taiwanese manufacturers, and there are more famous manufacturers such as Yangbo, Yazhi, Fujian, and Dengtai.
    Yan Bo Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Kunxing said that the PCB wet process equipment includes development, etching, and film removal lines (three devices connected together, referred to as DES), washing machines, horizontal PTH lines, horizontal browning lines, FLUX lines, etc. The equipment is imported from Europe, the United States and Japan. Since 10 years ago, Taiwan has been able to make 100% self-made, and Yangbo can also export to Japan's first-class manufacturers, including Japan's largest PCB factory and Matsushita Electric Works, CMK, and convex plates. Companies such as NEC, OKI, MEIKO, and FANUC not only save foreign exchange, but also create foreign exchange.
    Yangbo PCB wet process equipment has an annual output value of 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion yuan, and its output value is the largest in Asia, with the mainland market accounting for 50%, the Taiwan market accounting for 30%, and the Japanese market accounting for 20%. The products cover PCB and FPC (soft printed circuit). B) and Flip chip for board and package carrier, such as development, etching, microetching pretreatment machine, horizontal desmear line, outer film removal, etching, stripping wire, SR pretreatment, SR development line, small Plate coating line, flux coating line, and the like.
    Taipei Chemical Company was originally a well-known manufacturer of PCB wet process equipment in Taiwan. It also has development capabilities such as LCD wet process, cleaning agent and Casstle Cleaner. The company was incorporated into Yangbo Company five or six years ago, and brought LCD technology to Yang. Bo, the company has sold 3,500 sets of wet process equipment in the past 18 years, and its main customers include Xinxing, South Asia, Jinxiang Electronics, Haoyu Bode, Tongtai and other companies.
    As the mainland market accounts for half of the business, Yangbo also has an after-sales service center in Kunshan and Dongguan. Yazhi and Dengtai set up factories directly on the mainland, indicating that the focus of the industry has moved to the mainland.