Circuit-Tech puts product structure adjustment and new product development in the first place

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Since the official establishment of the company in May 2000, the company has been in the past eight years. Although the company has continued to develop, it has been ranked among the top three in the 

Since the official establishment of the company in May 2000, the company has been in the past eight years. Although the company has continued to develop, it has been ranked among the top three in the industry. However, the founder of the company is also the general manager of Mr. Ren Weihuan. Satisfied with the achievements that have been made. At the beginning of this year, he convened all the personnel of the engineering research and development department to meet, and declared in the whole factory that the company will consider the development of new products as an important long-term strategy in the future! Engineering research and development is the company's survival. The fundamental! It is also the most important guarantee for the company's long-term development! Therefore, this year, the company has made great efforts in this respect! While continuously introducing senior technical personnel from outside, strengthen the technical training of the company's existing technical personnel! It is clear that all competition is ultimately the competition of talents! Under the advocacy and support of the company at the highest level, Circuit-Tech has made great achievements in the research and development of new products this year! Firstly, it was successfully developed in the first half of the year. Beautiful thin sand blasting machine! Then introduced volcanic ash grinding machine, semi-automatic grinding machine and automatic board machine automatic closing machine! In addition, the developing machine and etching The machine has also been improved in the core part! I believe that under the guidance of this power, Circuit-Tech will write a more brilliant chapter in the near future!