Koludi honed his internal strength and decided to find business opportunities in the economic crisis.

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The global economic crisis in 2009 for China has taken the lead in 2010, but by 2011, the global economic crisis has not shown signs of improvement. People have doubts about China's unique economic de

The global economic crisis in 2009 for China has taken the lead in 2010, but by 2011, the global economic crisis has not shown signs of improvement. People have doubts about China's unique economic development: How long can China's high-speed economic development last? Is there a huge bubble hidden danger in the middle? The PCB industry, which is the foundation of the electronics industry, is also facing serious shocks and unprecedented challenges! As an influential equipment manufacturer of wet process equipment and peripheral equipment in the circuit board equipment industry, under the leadership of General Manager Ren Weihuan, the company is looking for the “machine” behind the word “dangerous”, cultivating internal strength and advocating the team. Spirit, a clear slogan for Circuit-Tech "Collydi --- I will have a miracle!". Let every employee find the position that suits them best and give full play to their potential! At the same time, it enhances the sense of belonging, responsibility and mission of all employees! So that Colody can still be confident in the face of such a serious economic crisis! And continue to make breakthroughs!