The impact of China's PCB industry's global status has gradually changed

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The output of China's PCB industry has become the world's number one news in the past two years, which has spurred the whole industry. However, the impact and problems brought about by the transformat
The output of China's PCB industry has become the world's number one news in the past two years, which has spurred the whole industry. However, the impact and problems brought about by the transformation of the PCB industry in the global position are worthy of attention from PCB manufacturers.
PCB is the mother of electronic products. All electronic products that need electricity can operate by using PCB as a medium. Therefore, PCB traces can be found in all home appliances, information products, communication products, military products and aviation products. In recent years, as the global electronics industry has slowed down, how to find potential electronic products is of great importance to the development of China's PCB industry.
In recent years, many new PCB technologies have attracted the attention of manufacturers. While China has become the world's largest PCB manufacturer, it is concerned about the impact of new technologies on the entire industry, and considering whether to invest in development is the global status change of China's PCB industry. After that, you must think deeply.