China's multilayer circuit board production will increase by 15% in 2010

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According to the China Printed Circuit Industry Association, China will continue to strengthen its position as the world's largest supplier of printed circuit boards. Production and exports this year 
According to the China Printed Circuit Industry Association, China will continue to strengthen its position as the world's largest supplier of printed circuit boards. Production and exports this year are expected to rise 11% year-on-year, reaching $19.7 billion and $11.8 billion, respectively.
    The rise in the popularity of printing Raleigh vanadium in the fields of computer, telecommunications, automotive, industrial and even aviation is a good sign in this field. Driven by various positive news, multi-layer printed circuit boards are expected to increase production by at least 5% this year, reaching ~U99 million square meters. HDI and flexible PCBs are also pulled. The former's rise was driven by a strong global mobile phone market that increased by almost 90%.
    The report also raised some key trends in China's PCB industry: the recent decline in sales has reduced profit margins, forcing manufacturers to raise export offers in the past few months. But many people will participate in fierce price competition to get more orders. In order to promote export capacity, suppliers can improve operational efficiency and reduce production line costs by optimizing and streamlining processes. Several of them are taking more rigorous resource planning and better inventory management of raw materials; the center of product development initiatives is the ever-increasing number of PCB layers and the adoption of new materials. Some manufacturers are reducing line width and spacing; green initiatives revolve around waste management, energy efficiency and recycling. About 50 suppliers now meet the clean production standards for printed circuit boards announced by the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection earlier this year; many companies are keen to expand their market in the EU. North America is another important export destination; high-cost imported raw materials and production equipment remain a challenge for many suppliers, especially small businesses.
    Most of China's more than 1,000 major suppliers are in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Many companies are leveraging the materials and service supply chains in these regions and targeting their strong consumer electronics, computer and telecom equipment industries. Fujian and Liaoning are becoming major procurement centers, especially flexible and multilayer printed circuit boards.