February North American PCB factory increased by nearly 30% in a single year, even 10 months higher than 1

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Recently, IPC announced that in February 2010, the total printed circuit board manufacturer's order-to-bill ratio in North America was 1.07, which was higher than 1.05 in the previous month. It has be
Recently, IPC announced that in February 2010, the total printed circuit board manufacturer's order-to-bill ratio in North America was 1.07, which was higher than 1.05 in the previous month. It has been greater than 1.1 for the 10th consecutive month, which means that each shipment of $100 in the month is a product. , will receive a new order worth $ 107.
Statistics show that in February, North American printed circuit board manufacturers received global orders for three-month moving averages up 29.1% from the same period in 2009, and 3-month moving average shipments increased by 8.5%, with monthly growth rates of 4.5%. With 4.8%. From January to February, the total of the two increased by 25.6% and 3.0% respectively.
According to statistics, the BB value of North American hard-printed circuit board manufacturers rose from 1.06 in the previous month to 1.09 in February; among them, the 3-month moving average amount of global orders increased by 36.4%, and the 3-month moving average shipments increased by 9.4%. The monthly growth rates were 8.1% and 4.7%, respectively. In February, the North American soft-printed circuit board manufacturer's BB value fell to 0.92 from 1.03 in the previous month. Among them, the global order 3-month moving average amount decreased by 37.4%, and the 3-month moving average shipment amount decreased by 2.1%. The rates were 36.4% and 4.9%, respectively.
IPC President Denny McGu_rk pointed out that the February North American hard PCB order amount exceeded the shipment amount for the 11th consecutive month, indicating that the future growth is optimistic, and the fluctuation of the soft PCB data does not constitute a trend.