Xinyi LED orders are full. At the end of the year, we will push the new equipment of 'single wafer machine'.

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The semiconductor factory amplifies the high-order process, and the LED factory actively shifts into the high-brightness PSS die field, driving the Taiwan equipment factory Xin Xin (3583) to order ful
The semiconductor factory amplifies the high-order process, and the LED factory actively shifts into the high-brightness PSS die field, driving the Taiwan equipment factory Xin Xin (3583) to order full of orders, among which the urgent orders of the LED wet process equipment are more in short supply. Xin Wei said that the development of “new generation dry technology” has been completed, and a new “single wafer machine” wet process will be launched before the end of the year.
    Xinyi's performance entered the peak period at the end of the year. The revenue in September was 261 million yuan, a monthly increase of 50.35% and an annual increase of 9.47%, a record high in a single month. Xin Hao accumulated revenue of 1.288 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 9%. The legal person estimates that Xin Hao’s total order in hand has exceeded 1 billion yuan and will be shipped to the first quarter of next year.
    Benefiting from the expansion of high-end manufacturing processes in semiconductor and LED factories such as TSMC and Jingdian, Xinyi’s first-month profit in September was the highest in history, reaching a record high of 261 million yuan. With the return of orders from July to August, Xin Xin’s orders have been placed until early next year. At present, the performance will continue to maintain high-end, the fourth quarter performance will be better than the third quarter.
    Xinyi's third quarter revenue was 602 million yuan, which was better than the 515 million yuan estimated by the legal person, which was 52.63% higher than the 394 million yuan in the second quarter. The legal person estimates that the fourth season is the traditional equipment accounting peak season, revenue will peak, single-quarter revenue will see 700 million yuan, the annual profit per share will be better than last year.
    Xin Xin invested in the development of self-made semiconductor equipment, which is mainly the wet processing equipment and advanced packaging wet processing equipment. Xin Xin also launched various applications from the wet process, such as new applications of solar cell equipment. Xinyi cooperated with a US company to develop a “solar-wet-reducing process” and completed the pre-processing of solar-tantalized chips. It has been sent to the US for verification and is expected to complete customer process verification in the middle of next year.